[ Who We Are ]

About Us

We are new breed of individuals from the different fields, who are very passionate in the Field of Architecture, Interior design, Furniture’s and Landscaping.

We strive on modernizing Filipino Architecture + Interior Design and piece all other design elements together in harmony. Moreover the firm remains steadfast on its advocacy to adapt principles and dynamics on building green.

At DST Design Lab we generally work the key concept of creating quality avant-garde architectural + design and workmanship.
Our goal are to Design + Build Quality and world renowned projects that will put Filipino Architecture in the forefront.

The Long Journey

“Take the road less traveled by and make all the difference” CEO Dryan Suiza Tria has proven this old adage true. He has journeyed a long way in the field of Real Estate / Development Architecture + Design his expertise in this field through his life long experience, made a name for him self, his strong determination willed the firm its success to date is ultimate proof of such. His exposure to various architectural structures arts and designs of world renowned designers, architects, artist has broaden his expertise in this field.


Dynamic as he is, he believes that in this modern world, as time can change many things, we can always adapt develop and revolutionize. However, there are things that should always stay true to our DNA a hint of PINOY that is.


He recognized that whatever he has achieved in life is futile without a purpose and his God given talent are to be used to glorify God his Country and Home. Thus, his Journey in life was full of challenges but he always believes that we are made to do extra ordinary things for his honor and glory.


Since, 2004 DS&T DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION has work on numerous projects of different scales and scope. During its early years to the tune of real estate picking up, their goal was to develop quality infrastructures to serve urban Filipinos. Standing firm on that principle cemented the firm’s integrity and competence in establishing name in the field of real estate. True to its objective the firm has become one of the trusted Developers now in the Philippines and indeed mirrored in each of its respective endeavors.